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Are Flimsy Pushrods Costing You Power? Try This At-Home Valvetrain Stiffness Test To Find Out!

Flex in the valvetrain means less valve lift and less airflow into the cylinder. Could a floppy valvetrain be holding your engine back? This simple test allows you to evaluate your valvetrain with simple tools to gauge its stiffness.

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Exploring Pushrod Tip Styles and Design

 Trend offers pushrods with a wide range of tip styles. While the basic shapes consist of cup and ball, choosing the correct application is far more extensive involving materials selection as well as the proper radius. 

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How To Measure Pushrod Length And Optimize Valvetrain Geometry

Setting pushrod length is critical to improving valvetrain stability and endurance. Incorrect pushrod length causes many evils that can be easily avoided with the proper technique.

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Explained: What Materials Are Pushrods Made From?

The pushrod is one of the most used and abused components in an engine so choosing the right base material is paramount to a healthy street or race engine.

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Exploring Wrist Pin styles, Materials, and Coatings

The wrist pin has an incredibly vital job, shuttling over 11,000 pounds of force up and down the bore. Choosing the right pin for the application is critical. 

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When to Go Big: Choosing Pushrod Diameter and Wall Thickness

Choosing the perfect pushrod wall-thickness and outer diameter is a careful balance between weight and strength. 

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