Trend's Quick Ship Program Keeps You On The Track, Not The Trailer!

April 6, 2018 / by Evan Perkins

Trend Performance's Quick Ship Program promises to have a fresh set of pushrods shipped in under 48 hours! If you've got a hurt engine and an important deadline, Trend can help! 

Inside any race engine are hundreds of critical, moving components; the price for any one of which to fail is almost certainly missing the next race. The exception to that rule is pushrods. Trend Performance’s Quick Ship program promises that should one of your pushrods be damaged and need replacement, they can have a new one ready in a 24- to 48-hour window.
Trend stocks a massive quanity of pushrods in 5/16in-7/16in sizes, all sold in .025in length increments from 6.800in to 10.5in.

Trend stocks over hundreds of thousands of pushrods at any given time, but the Quick Ship program takes ZERO of those into account. Instead, it is predicated upon a Trend’s ability to scratch-build a pushrod in an extremely narrow window of time. Should your pushrod be one of the many, many shelf-stock 5/16in-7/16in examples, which are available in .025in increments from 6.800in-10.5in, they will ship even faster! 

Trend offers multiple pushrod tip styles to accomodate all kinds of rocker and lifter styles and applications.

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“The quick ship program has been in place for about 16 years now,” said Trend Performance general manager, Steve Rhodey. “It’s essentially a custom, one-piece pushrod [or set] with a 24- to 48-hour turnaround time. And that covers everything from a small-diameter, heavy-wall pushrods, all the way to a large-diameter, heavy-wall pushrods with multiple ends and clearance options.”

The Quick Ship program begins with a call from a customer, followed by a work order sent to the shop at a rapid pace. Within 48 hours maximum, the custom pushrod(s) will be complete and en-route to the racer in need.

BZ-series pushrods feature a bronze insert that can accomodate extremely high load without galling. These are extremely popular in the Pro Stock and Pro Mod ranks.

Info You Need To Order Pushrods Quickly!

  • Outer Diameter
  • Wall Thickness
  • Overall Length
  • Ball End Radius
  • Cup Radius

“We’ve got pro mod and Pro Stock drivers that are utilizing this program,” adds Rhodey. “A lot of times they’ll test during the week and hurt something before their race on Friday or Saturday. We’ve had situations where pushrods were ordered at 2:00pm on a Friday and we had them built and shipped out to the race track for an early Saturday AM delivery. We probably do that a half-dozen times a month.”   

“We rely on Trend/Diamond to get us to the winners circle at all of our races. We broke a few valvetrain parts late Friday afternoon and we were able to get the parts we needed shipped out 15min before Trend closed on a plane for Saturday delivery. This was a crucial factor in our weekend as without these parts we were out of the race. Trend/Diamond was able to get us to the winners circle once again! The best customer service bar none!

-Troy Pirez Jr.

Lights Out 9 Smallblock NOS Winner

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Pushrods aren't the only product Trend can help you replace in an instant. Trend also manufactures a full line of rocker arm adjusters.

The Quick Ship Program also features options for multiple tip styles including tool steel, V40, and H13 inserts. “Obviously, if the customer requests a different tip material, that will make it a two-piece pushrod, but we do have a lot of one-piece pushrods coming out of that station,” said Rhodey.

Ultimately, the Quick Ship program is designed to keep your car on the track, not the trailer. The Trend team works extremely hard and prides themselves on accomplishing that goal. “It’s named exactly for what it does,” said Rhodey. “There is no other pushrod company that’s giving you a one-piece hardened pushrod in 24-to 48-hours


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