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How Years of Wrist Pin Perfection Helped Create Trend's Duramax Rocker Shaft Line

Trend took their year's experience building performance wrist pins and applied it to an entirely new application, rocker shafts for Duramax engines! 

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Ryan Milliken’s Chevy II Proves Diesel has a Winning Place in Radial Drag Racing

In the world of radial drag racing, diesel abounds––but rarely can it be found in anything outside of a tow vehicle. Ryan Milliken's wild, coal rollin' Nova brings diesel to the track in a record-breaking, incredibly competitive way!

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Derek Rose Brings Innovation And Massive Diesel Power To Ultimate Callout Challenge

After a stint in professional motocross in early 2000s, Derek Rose turned his attention to the burgeoning diesel performance scene. In 2006 he founded the Casco Michigan-based tuning shop DNR Customs, initially focusing on fundamentals as the..

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Resurrection: Lead Sled Lea Ochs Returns To The Drag Strip

After a hard-hit, Lea Ochs is back in the saddle in a new version of her neck-snapping 1,400hp wagon!

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Jeff Vrsek Making A Habit Of Podium Finishes In Outlaw Super Late Model

An airplane by pilot by day, a racer driver come weekends, Jeff Vrsek is leading laps and taking names. 

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Trend Performance, Now Your Number-One Source for Performance Valves

The most trusted source for made-in-America pushrods is now the go-to source for stainless steel valves! X2 and Trend Performance have joined forces and Trend is now the sole supplier of premium, X2 racing valves.

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What Are DLC Coatings?

DLC coatings are some of the toughest coatings in the world and allow parts to operate in inhospitable conditions once thought impossible.  Here is a deep dive into what they are and how they're applied in the racing world. 

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All-Motor Champions: P&P Motorsports Reminds Us That Consistency Is Key

Rusty Pancevski is winning races and taking names in the NA 10.5 world. We go under the hood of his championship-winning, 598ci Big-Block Chevy.

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SpinTron Secrets: Valve Float, Bounce, and Loft Explained!

In this segment of Spintron Secrets, we dive into the concept of Valve float, the phenomena that cause it and a few valvetrain topics that can make or break a race engine. Rev on! 

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Fast Corvettes are a Family Affair for Street Outlaws' Racer, Shannon Poole

Street Outlaws driver, Shannon Poole has a history with fast Corvettes. His latest, a big-tire C2 is going to make some waves on the TV and the track. 

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